My lovely Lovery-visitors,



I am Ally, the owner of this Start-Up. We design our Jewels with heart and soul ourselves, craft it in Germany with a high quality and send it with loving details to you. I had my first working experiences right after my studies and had to realize, that my heart and creativity could not rise in it. Lots of people thought I must be crazy when I announced to open my own online store. But I loved it from day one! I am so glad to start with a small team and expand our range.


In the era of mass processing, it is particularly important to build up trust and a relationship with our customers. We do that with personal support and lots of lovely details in the product and packing. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we are very grateful for all your worries, wishes and praise. If you have any concerns, just write to us, we are always there for you and advise you. After all, we want you to find the perfect piece of Jewelllery. 

Concept & Story

We manage our lives every day - sometimes successfully, sometimes less successfully. But who are the ones, who are always by your side, if you need them? Right, the people you love. It is time to strengthen these wonderful connections symbolically with a special Jewel. We are gradually trying to expand our offer so that you can quickly connect with every person you want - so check our store regularly!


Sometimes you just lost the connection to yourself. Whether it is because you had to go through difficult times or constantly live more for other people than for yourself. Then just put a sign and work on your self-discovery! As a symbol, look for the Jewel that touches your heart and capture all the moments that will make you radiate and make your heart warm. And that was it? No! Ally´s Lovery also supports you with our blog, which is updated weekly. 


But we have yet another intention: Especially when looking for baby´s or children´s Jewels it is noticeable that in an age when children´s fashion is no longer different than the adult ones, the Jewels other Stores offer is not contemporary. We design Jewellery that are suitable for babys and children but not childish. It corresponds the new age and also fits perfectly to our story to connect people. 


We love this story because it is so expandable and love doesn´t know any boundaries.


Nice to have you,



Shop locator & Partners

In order to be able to put wonderful Jewels into the world, it is not only a loving design you need, but above all also the corresponding implementation of our concept. We work closely with the wonderful goldsmith Jan Hesselberg on Sylt, who perfectly implements our creative ideas through his years of experience and excellent craftsmanship. We are proud to have a place in his amazing store. Have a look - it´s worth it! 

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