Dear lovely Loverys,


loving someone is, as you might know, one of the greatest happiness

you can experience in your life. 

You feel the love in your heart - but do you also show these feelings outwards

with a special Gift?

Our intention is to design jewels that connect people

but are adapted to the age and gender.

That makes us unique.

 Our jewellery is filigree, high quality and made in Germany -

and above all: made with love just for you.

Whether as a baptism gift for babies, as a mother´s day gift or just to spoil yourself and others - we bring a smile on everyones faces. 


Have lots of fun with it,


Yours Ally


<img src=“/Filigrane-Armbänder-Kolibri-Vogel-Perlen-Türkis-Stein-Anhänger.jpg“ alt=„Filigrane Armbänder mit Kolibri Vogel, Perlen oder Türkis Stein Anhänger aus 925er Sterling Silber“>

Filigree Hummingbird, Pearl & Turquoise Stone Bracelets. Connect symbolically with your inner strength & your beloved ones.  


<img src=“/Filigrane-Perlenkette-mit-echter-Süwasserperle.jpg“ alt=„filigrane Kette mit Blütenperle - Perlenkette aus 925er Sterling Silber“>

Our filigree chains made of 925er Sterling Silver or 750er Gold for baby, children & adults - remind yourself every day of all the wonderful moments & capture them.


<img src=“/Zarte-Kolibri-Ohrringe-silber-Kinder-Ohrringe.jpg“ alt=„Zarte Kolibri Ohrringe aus silber als Kinderohrringe und Schmuck für Frauen“>

Hummingbird earrings & hoops with pendants. Complete your jewelry-sets with mother-daughter earrings.



<img src=“/Kolibri-Ring-mit-beweglichem-Anhänger.jpg“ alt=„ausgefallener silberner Kolibri Ring“>

Filigree hummingbird & pearl rings as a sign of infinite love. Special rings with movable pendants made of 925er Sterling Silver.

special gifts for birth & Baptism

"These magical jewelry makes me feel like I'm connected to my loved ones forever"


"Beautiful high quality Baby Jewelry, especially cute as mother-child jewelry"

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