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Product care 

Silver jewelry can "tarnish" - but don´t worry that is a normal feature of this metal and is easily to repair. If your piece of jewel doesn´t shine as in the beginning, you can buy a silver cleaning cloth for about 4€. Use it to rub off the pendant. Even more effective are so called silver dips. Just dip your treasure in the dip and follow exactly the instructions. 


ATTENTION: Never ecxeed the duration of the dip, otherwise the Jewel gets dull! 

AND: Jewels with a pearl are not allowed to be completely dipped into the liquid. The peal should not come in contact with the silver dip - but you can clean the Jewel by taking a Q-tip and clean the pearls frame.  


Is it questionable if my baby/ child wears Jewelry?

The fact that you are worried and uncertain is quite normal and only shows that you are a caring person. In principle, it is up to each parent to decide whether to allow children to wear jewelry or not. Our quality standards are very high and we look to eliminate possible dangers Nevertheless, our Jewels can tear or fall of by strong force and then become a source of danger. If you are worried at first, then let the child wear the bracelet, necklace or earrings only for special occasions, if you are there anyway. You will notice that after a short time, the Jewel will be completely forgotten by the baby and just radiates and attracts the attention of others. It is also a great memory of special moments and and statement for yourself to enjoy this amazing connection. This alone is almost enough reason to choose a beautiful Jewel. 


Will a product be restocked?

Favored products are sometimes sold out very quickly. Therefore secure your Jewels before others do it. You could also take a look if there is an item that looks similar to the one you actually want. Or maybe you also find something completely different. If you fell in love with exactly one Jewel, do not hesitate to contact us - we will see if we can help you. 





How long does the distribution take?

We try to dispatch your treasures as soon a possible. If you order by 2pm, it is usually dispatched the same day or next business day. Within Germany your package should have arrive after about 3-5 business days. If it would take much longer, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note: abroad it usually takes longer because of customs and cut surfaces. 





How can I pay?

We try to provide an optimal payment option for every customer. We currently have: 

  • Prepayment
  • PayPal    




How to make a return?

Free returns are possible within Germany. For that: write us an e-mail and we will send you a post label via Mail. Also follow the instructions on the return note. If your order is not made in Germany: go to the next packing station or post office, fill in the address named below and send it directly to us.


Is the return free?

Free returns are only possible within Germany. Help us to grow as fast as possible. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to offer free returns worldwide - please understand that. But we want to make sure that this changes and hopefully offer more to you soon. 


Did you receive my return?

Please allow up to 14 days for your Jewels to arrive and the repayment has been made. Remember, that you will be responsible for the return until it arrives. That is why, in any case, you should make sure to have a send proof. Keep it until we have informed you that the process has been completed. As soon as your return has been processed, you will receive a confimation mail. The repayment will then be immediately arranged.   



Technical Problems


The website doesn´t work!

Please check first, if you have the latest update of your operating system. If problems continue to occur, please contact us, your order should not fail because of technical problems! Please note the following points so that we can help you as soon as possible:

  • Where exactly is the problem? 
  • Operating system? 
  • Internet Browser you are using (Opera, Firefox...)?

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