Coral Bracelet

Light blue Bracelet - Real Coral


Size: Adult

Made in Germany


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Product Information

Red - the color of love. Coral supports and strengthens partnerships and relationships and also enhances harmony. At the same time it also has a positive influence on your own energy. Coral is a very special gift of nature and because of its extraction from the sea very unique and valuable. 


The bracelet is a very fine cotton-tie, which impresses because of its color and lovely blossom frame made of 925er Sterling Silver. The combination of the color accents is autumnal, but at the same time it grades up every outfit. Especially the small lovingly details of the frame are a real eye-catcher and make the pendant look unique. The knot closure allows an individual size adjustment. To connect with your beloved ones there are several possibilities - you can find some suggestions below.

Type: Bracelet

Color: light-blue + coral + silver

Form: round coral

Material: 925 Sterling Silver/ real Coral/ Cotton-tie

Gender: female

Size: Standard Adult - individual size adjustment

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