Sisters Bracelet

partner jewelry - present for sister - friendship bracelet

in 5 different colors:

Black Sisters Bracelet - Sterling Silver Pendant


Size :  Adult

Made in Germany             

Kolibri Armband mit Perle

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Product Information

Having a sister means laughing, crying together & knowing that this person is always there for you. Give your sister/best friend a special symbol as a sign for your special connection. This collection is devoted to my beloved sister Nini, just to say THANK YOU for everything. 


A very fine coated cotton bracelet which impresses with its powerful color and the silver sister pendant. The combination of the sterling silver pendant and the color is playful and especially looks super hip with additional silver jewelry. The sisters pendant is unique because of the small loving details in the cut, which create an impressive 3D effect through different heights - but also because it has two different sides, which can simply be turned around. The choice is yours: do you want to show your sister or yourself? No problem - just turn around ;). The knot closure allows and individual size adjustment. To connect with your sister there are several possibilities - you dan find some suggestions below. 

Type: Bracelet

Color: black + silver

Form: round 2cm

Material: 925er Sterling Silver/ Cotton

Gender: female

Size: Standard Adult - individual size adjustment

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