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Gold Necklace with Coral Pendant


Size : Adults

Made in Germany

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Product Information

Red - the color of love. Coral supports and strengthens partnerships and relationships and also enhances harmony. At the same time it also has a positive influence on your own energy. Coral is a very special gift of nature and because of its extraction from the sea very unique and valuable. 


The necklace is finely crafted and impresses with the combination of the coral´s color and the Gold details made of 750er Gold. Especially the small lovingly details of the frame are a real eye-catcher and make the pendant look unique. The necklace allows an individual size adjustment. To connect with your beloved ones there are several possibilities - you can find some suggestions below.

Type: Necklace

Color: gold + red

Form: round coral

Material: 750er Gold/ Coral

Gender: female

Size: Standard Adults - length: 42cm

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