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Pearl Hoops big 925er Sterling Silver


Size:  Kids + Adults

Made in Germany

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Product Information

Finally feeling free again and to take care of yourself - you might think of someone who needs to be reminded of that? Then make a special gift with those hoops earrings. The person will always be reminded how valuable she is while wearing them.


A freshwater pearl in a blossom frame. It awakens your inner beauty and makes you feel confident and perfect. It's a very special gift from nature and helps to deal with problems such as disappointment and grief.


We have discovered the perfect hoops size for you. It stands out but also looks elegant. You can easily change the pendants by yourself, because the end piece completely disappears in the interior of the hoops. So the pendants cannot fall off. The optimal mix of flexibility and strength let the hoops always go back to the original state.

Tpye: Hoops with pearl pendants

Color: silver

Form: Hoops 40mm

Material: 925er Sterling Silver + freshwater pearl

Gender: female

Size: Kids + Adults

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