Kids Hummingbird Necklace


Kids & Baby Hummingbird Necklace


Size :  Baby / Child

Made in Germany

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Product Information

The hummingbird is so small but so special: It is a connector of loving souls & opens the heart to love & positive energies.


This enchanting necklace is especially popular as a gift for babies or children because it matches perfectly to the "XXS Hummingbird Bracelet" and offers a high quality for the small purse. It reflects our intention to raise the level of baby´s and children´s jewelry and to adapt it to the modern age. The combination of Sterling Silver and the movable pendant is playful but at the same time noble. Especially the small details and the cut are a real eye-catcher and let it look unique.  As a partner piece our customers love the matching bracelet for the woman and for the man a treasure out of our hummingbird collection.

Type: Necklace

Color: silver

Form: Hummingbird

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Gender: female

Size: Standard Baby/ Child - Eyelet at 38cm

The model is 7 years old -  but the necklace already fits for toddlers

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