Petite Hummingbird Earrings

Petite Hummingbird Earring


Size :  Baby / Child + Adult

Made in Germany

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Product Information

The hummingbird is so small but so special: It is a connector of loving souls & opens the heart to love & positive energies.


Delicate earrings with a plug and a very special cut. They look wonderful at babies and children and are perfect for those who like small ear plugs. Nevertheless they attract attention because of its loving details. Since the hummingbird is suitable for children but not childish, it reflects our intention to raise the level of baby´s and children´s jewelry and to adapt it to the modern age. But also as a grown-up you can´t do anything wrong with these earrings: they fit to a T-shirt during the day but also in the evening to a dress. Above all, they are a wonderful surprise for in between or as a perfect complement to our bracelets, necklaces and rings. What about: the large earrings for the mum and the small ones for the child ;)

Type: Pair of earrings

Color: silver

Form: Hummingbird

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Gender: female

Size: Baby/ Child + Adult

The model is 7 years old - especially suitable for toddlers and children, but also for adult lovers of delicate earrings

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